Eco packaging

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It’s the time of year when gifts are handed out and a lot of packaging goes to waste. Images of piles of paper, boxes and plastic tossed to the side. A lot of which can’t be recycled. Did you know that an extra 30% of packaging is produced at this time of year?

Don’t you wish companies would think more and do better? A simple swap could save millions from sitting in landfill. From small businesses to large corporations, there is simply no need for plastic in any packaging. Over 100million bags of packaging will be thrown away during the festive period. This is about an extra 3.5 bags per household. 125,000 tonnes of that will be plastic packaging.

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There are great companies such as Lil Packaging, who create bespoke packaging for all businesses. They are certified 100% plastic free and aim to be net-zero carbon by 2030. Did you know they are the company behind amazon’s cardboard envelopes? One of the biggest delivery companies in the world, who made the switch from plastic envelopes to cardboard to help stop wastage.

They have a huge range of padded envelopes to boxes for every size and shape. There really is no excuse in this day and age, to not be providing customers with recyclable packaging. Especially when it’s fully customisable to match your branding.

But plastic is recyclable isn’t it? Not all of it! And on average, two thirds of plastic that could be recycled still ends up in landfill. Cardboard packaging is the safest way to ensure we are stepping forwards in the battle against global warming and stopping the damage being done to our environment

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